TokFest 2023

TokFest 2023

March 28, 2023

FK Creative had an amazing experience attending the TokFest 2023 event on Saturday, and we are thrilled to share our encounter with all of you. As a company with a deep devotion to crafting exceptional online content, we were overjoyed to participate in an event that reveres the very essence of what we love.

The ambience at TokFest was truly awe-inspiring. It was teeming with dynamism as devotees, innovators, and advertisers all congregated to celebrate their fondness for online content. We had the privilege of catching up with some old acquaintances and making new ones, and we were stimulated by the speeches delivered by numerous creators and entrepreneurs.

Throughout our stay at TokFest, we attended several speeches that covered an extensive range of topics. We gained insights into the dynamics of multi-platform usage, the benefits and drawbacks of narrowing one's focus, and the significance of inclusivity in online spaces. However, one particular discussion that lingered with us the most was the LGBTQ+ panel.

The panel featured an illustrious cast comprising Jamie Lo, Bluenbroke, Millie Mclay, Ezra Butler, and Loulou. They delved into significant issues such as handling online abuse, making online spaces more accommodating, and how the community supports LGBTQ+ creators on the platform. Our Co-Founder and Director, Kayleigh, even had the chance to chat with the creators after the panel and was delighted by their congeniality and professionalism.

We were moved by how these creators have harnessed their platforms to establish a secure and all-embracing space for their LGBTQ+ audience. They placed immense emphasis on speaking out against prejudice and discrimination and encouraged others to use their platforms to promote love and acceptance. It was an immensely impactful and stirring discussion.

All in all, FK Creative was honoured to be a part of an event that furnishes a safe and amiable environment for everyone to unite and revel in fantastic online content. We are already eagerly anticipating our next attendance at TokFest, and we can barely contain our excitement for what breathtaking content and enlightening speeches will be showcased next. We wholeheartedly recommend anyone with a passion for online content to seize the opportunity and attend TokFest in the future. It's an event that you won't want to miss in the future!